Business SMS Services and Bulk SMS Gateway

Incoming SMS

Receive SMS from senders around the world. which is perfect if you want prospective clients to send an SMS to request more information.


Other services:

  • SMS Reminders
  • Delayed SMS Dispatch
  • Personalised SMS


  • Receive SMS in a number of ways
    SMS can be delivered to your email, our website or our SMS Desktop Software. Advanced users can set it up so that messages get sent directly into their business software..
  • Standard UK Mobile Numbers
    Our Incoming SMS Numbers take the form of normal UK mobile numbers. Since they are virtual, you can receive high volumes of SMS without worrying about capacity.
  • No Charge Per Message Received
    We do not charge per message received.
  • Automatic SMS Forwarding
    Forward your incoming SMS to a group of people if required.


Bulk SMS Services

0845 004 1500

We provide help and support to companies implementing their SMS