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Download our SMS Software now and start to send SMS online today, with advanced features such as personalised messages and scheduled dispatch you'll have everything you need.


Other services:

  • SMS Reminders
  • Delayed SMS Dispatch
  • Personalised SMS


We recommend that most clients use our SMS Software since it provides access to most of TextOver's features.

  • Multiple Phonebooks
    Create multiple phonebooks and manage contacts easily. You can also upload phonebooks using CSV files. All phonebooks are stored securily on our servers for safe keeping.
  • Personalised Messages
    When sending Bulk SMS, increase your conversation rates by automatically inserting the first name of each person you are texting.
  • Delayed Delivery
    Send SMS and specify a delivery time in the future. This is perfect for SMS Appointment Reminders.
  • Customisable SenderID
    Change the SenderID to your company name rather than your mobile number, so that recipients known who sent them the messages.
  • Two-way SMS Available
    Send and Receive SMS online through our Desktop Software
  • Delivery Reports
    Instant Reports on who has received your messages, and which messages have failed so you can update your details for customers with old mobile numbers.

Bulk SMS Services

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We provide help and support to companies implementing their SMS